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I’m from Brazil and I am working on the grid game example from The Board Game Developer: Become A Game Design Ninja ( at Udemy. I just hope I’m doing things right here and posting this at the correct place.
Important to say that I’ve just begun the course and there’s no testing of this game yet - and I think it explains why it looks so lame…

Components: A 5x5 board, three colored tokens per player, 50 objective cards

Victory condition: First to match 5 objectives.

Setup: The grid starts empty. Players shuffle the objective cards face down and distribute 5 of them to each player. Players may look at their own cards but must not reveal them to the opponent. Them, starting with the first player, each player place one of his/her tokens in a square of the grid until all pieces were placed.

How the game works:
In his/her turn, each player follows these steps…
step 1 - player may reveal one of his/her objectives. If the tokens’ positions match the image of the card, that objective is considered done. Else, player places that objective card in the bottom of the pile of objectives and draws another card.
step 2 - player may move any one of his own tokens to any empty place of the grid.
step 1 (again) - checking objective winning condition again - yes, a player may match 2 objectives during the same round.

The image shows an example on how a player matches an objective card


Great job posting it here! It doesn’t look lame. It’s a simple prototype. There’s nothing about it that needs to be flashy.

I like your components. Clear and focused.

Nice victory condition.

I’m little confused a little bit about how your game works. What exactly happens if you have two tokens in the same spot?

Hi, Kevin!

Reviewing it better, I guess my game is confusing even for myself, LOL

I’m in the beginning of the course, so you may expect some changes and more detail to be added to the game. Actually, I think some things may be changed right now… Expect some changes in the next few days - if I ever manage to find time to deal with them. :roll_eyes:

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Haha it’s all good :slight_smile:

If you do find the time I can’t wait to experience the changes!

Hi, So how do you win ? You have to place the tokens/ dice as in the objective card? Or guess them, kind like in Battleship?