Grid game - Game of towers (for the online course, session 5)

Hi ! Here are my rules for a little “grid tower game” (i’m following the board game development course) :

Setup : an 8x8 Grid. 2 rows of black checkers at the bottom, 2 rows of white checkers at the top (just as in checkers).

Victory : you win if you control all of the “towers” in game.

Movement : only one checker or one “tower” (a pile of checkers), one square at a time, in all directions (diagonals included).

Elimination : you can “absorb” the other player’s checkers if you get on their square with a tower that is higher than theirs. Their checker is not eliminated but becomes part of the tower. The owner of a tower is the player who has the majority of checkers in the tower.

Occupying the same square : Yes ; you can occupy the same square as your adversary’s checkers, and you can also occupy the same square as your own checkers. IE : you can “pile up” checkers.

Please tell me what you think ! I’m thinking maybe there are a bit too many checkers ; maybe a 5x5 grid would be better.



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