Grid Game - Conquer the center



just sharing my idea for the grid game. I probably am not very good at describing the rules with my own words (practice practice practice) but I wanted to see it written down.

Components: A 5x5 board, three colored tokens per player, a dice

Victory condition: First to finish. Player will have to place all their three tokens in the central cell of the grid

Setup: at the beginning the grid is empty. Each player, in turn, roll the dice and starts placing tokens on the grid.

The game works as follows: if the player rolls a number in range [1,5], they place it in the corresponding row of the grid (at first it has to be in the column closest to them). If they roll a 6 and the token is not yet on the board, they choose a row in which they will place the token and have an additional dice roll, otherwise if the token is already on the board they make it advance in the following column.

When a player has all three tokens in the middle cell, they win. If they have one or two tokens in the middle cell and the other player gets one of their token to that cell, the tokens of the first player are removed from the grid and they have to start again.