Grid Game - Capture the Tower


Game Method: Yann

Player Experience: Feel Like Comrades

Theme: => Solider, War Based => Ancient Siege war => Capture the Tower


  • Grid Board (Hard Cardboard Board with the grid drawn on it and if a transparent plastic layer on it )
  • Three piece: Archery, Infantry and Medic (acrylic figurines with magnetic base)
  • Tower (acrylic figurines with magnetic base)
  • 1 Number Dice with 1 to 6 number on it (White Wooden with roman number curved in it and number painted in black)
  • Power Dice with different attach moves (Navy color Metal dice with neon color marking for different attacks )

Player need to play together to capture three tower. Players need to roll the dice for pieces and towers. This grid game is turn based, Piece and Tower get turns to roll dice. Piece can only roll either power or number dice but tower will both dice at once.

To capture a Tower, player needs to have at least two piece next square to the tower. Player move a piece on the grid by rolling the number dice rolls and placing the piece on the number they received for each piece.

Once they are on a square next to the tower, player can roll the power dices to attach the tower on their turn, and the tower will defend by rolling the number and power dice on its turn. Tower will apply the attach power (power dice) on the number as per the number dice. Player will apply the attach power from power dice. Each tower has a set number of attach it could receive after which it falls once fallen it could recover if tower closest to it has not fallen as well. This recovery could be stopped by leaving a single piece next to it but if the piece is moved turn count starts.

When a piece is hit by an attach player it cannot attach back for next two turn rolls unless medic piece heal it. If piece receive two attacks with healing it dies and cannot be used. Medic heals by rolling the same number as injured piece. However, tower could attach two piece at once if they are in same number but tower can only attach number next to it.


  • Player can capture all tower at once or at different
  • Attach or retreat or heal
  • Which combination of piece should be kept
  • Choice on when to heal and how to heal

Win Condition: All Tower are fallen and you have three piece with at least one piece of the each player
Loss Condition: If you lose all piece of one player or lose three piece


Awesome work! I really love the experience and theme, and these rules are really well thought through. I’d love to hear how this works in playtesting!


I was interesting to do playset.

First Round: Feedback is game is very slow and tower are very week.

So, made tower bit more powerful such that they could knotout in one blow.
This made game much more interesting and tower become very power ful

Second Round: Feedback lose condition is bit too hard as know we lose piece to easy.
So, change Lose condition that you need one piece of each player to keep the alive to keep game running if player loss all his/her piece then you loss.

This made game interesting and probably winning increase a bit.
However, two type of dice are still confusing.

Next change will be to replace the power dice with power cards.


Sounds like great progress. Maybe if you cut down the amount of dice you need each action?


This looks fantastic in that it is simple to understand and that it really works as a grid game. The availability of different roles makes great choices for players to decide.

I’m just trying to understand some parts of the mechanics though. Is the grid 5x5?


I have added the grid board layout to give better understanding.

K-maq thanks for you feedback


I am changing rules that player could either do dice roll or pick a card (action).

Dice roll only to move away or towards the tower