Grenade that I made, still confused about blender and shading

The shade I made looks like bunches of lines and what should I do to blender them in Photoshop? I am still using the default brushes as far, It has many different brushes in Photoshop but I am not sure which one should I choose. So confused.


Nice looking grenade.
Confusion? If you use a pencil, you have only one option … so maybe stick to one in photoshop …?

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Great. It’s like a medical pipe-bomb that explodes with healthy goodness :grin:

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I am a little bit realize how to shade in a real way now. It is the next lesson 's result I made. The shading is depends on my pen pressure. Draw hard and soft in different way to blender the color. Select the middle color between bright and dark. It make sense that I thought.


Focus on your oval/ellipse base. It helps the shading process.

Very nice :slight_smile:

In photoshop there is a smudge tool u can use to blend. It’s like using your finger over pencil and paper.
Also try using a brush with soft edges instead of hard edges.

Nice grenade btw