Hello there! I am Adam. I just started this course and I’m looking forward to learning C++ and developing with Unreal. I am from Arizona. I used Unity for just a little bit as my first ever game engine, but later learned that Unreal is much better for the types of games (PC & Console) I want to professionally develop when I get older (I’m 14). I just completed my first course on Unreal where I learned the basics of Unreal, but used visual coding (Blueprint) rather than the industry standard C++ language. I have basic, prior knowledge on C#, but recently learned that C++ is a very popular language for game development, so until I’m in high school and take some classes on JavaScript (just in case I ever get into software or web development), I will be sticking with Unreal and C++ in my free time! This is my first development community, so hi to all!

I wish I started when I was your age, I’m 31 now and my youth has slipped me by working the grind. Stick with it, consistency is the most important thing. If you have any troubles along the way don’t give up just ask questions here and the community will help you. A lot of it won’t make sense at the start, don’t let that dishearten you it will start to come together as you go further along. Good luck!


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