Greetings I am in need of help with my Unity RPG


Is there any way I could ask some one to assist me in a artistic way I am trying to code my game but I am falling behind in my art design I would like to work in a team but seems like I cant find anyone to help me , I cant really code very well but im trying to learn and I cant do every thing myself . please some one help me with the art!!!


Hey there. What art do you need? Perhaps I can help with it :slight_smile:



I need all kinds of art buildings, textures, small assets like barrels, crates, street lamp, roads etc my theme is 17th-century Steampunk London I have a few models started and almost finished I could send to you. if you can make them better that would be great. I could also send a few scene reference images as well. my biggest problem is textures I can’t see much color I’m half blind and I have a hard time judging the models and colors mapping.

I’m going for a Dracula feeling dark but romantic kinda feeling. the game its self is going to be like Zelda an Action Adventure RPG except the main character isn’t going to be selfish but an engineer that builds and makes new weapons along with their travels. A companion I want a little robot that can do anything.

P.S. You can find me on facebook for more details under Bradley Savahara Reynolds


Hi, make a list of assets by importance and necessity, which will go first.
And send refs, let’s see what I can do)


I’ll send you a PM with my e-mail so we can get the ball rolling. Love your theme btw!


Does your offer still stand