Great Course

Bravo! I really loved this course. Not only did it help me understand Godot, but also different aspects of game development. It was so well organized in how each lesson built upon a new concept and brought in previous lessons. The challenges were a bit hand held, but allowed some creativity at times. Overall I say again bravo and thank you.


One thing I thought of that is missing is persistent data.

What can we do about saving Gold the player has earned? How do we save high scores for multiple tries even after the app has been exited?


Hi Ryan,

Nice one, glad you enjoyed the course :+1:

I used to use JSON a couple of times for loading and saving data, takes a little bit of setting up as its saving into a text file. dont have access to my older projects at the moment so i cant copy examples.

but for some simple variables etc, theres the later alternative of using binary serialization, which is part of the FileAccess class.

ive yet to give it a go, but it does look alot more straight forward for smaller stuff.

heres a link from the docs for a bit of further reading.

< Saving games β€” Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English>

and the FileAccess class page,
< FileAccess β€” Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English>

theres an example there, but if you look further down to the methods, it also uses get_var and set_var, which i assume that means that you can store say the gold variable, or dictionaries/arrays for high scores.

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I agree completely. I really hope that Bramwell makes some more Godot courses in the future, I would love a more advanced one that covers other aspects such as saving, like you mentioned.


As a complete beginner (not even any coding experience), I am so ready for a part 2 to this course. I feel like we barely scratched the surface. Really interested in larger project management and organization, best practices for performance and optimization, settings menus including keybindings and controller inputs – and lots more.

Aside from wanting more, this course was great and I loved Bramwell as the instructor and look forward to any more educational content he’s got :slightly_smiling_face:

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