Great course Sam

Wonderful course, so much content you cover, I would love to see a cheat sheet of some sort that outlines all the functions that are in use. Unreal is huge, and I find remembering every call we made and when daunting. I should have kept my own notes. But great course either way.


In regards to taking notes, you can try looking at “This Lecture’s Project Changes” on the Resources tab. You can see all of the code changes made in each video there, including the functions called.

Also, Bryant–definitely agreed that this is an amazing course! I learned so much – currently debating about either making personal projects or continuing on with the UE VR course, haha.

Wish I could do that. I can’t even try. Considering stuff changes and there’s other stuff such as programming to remember, I can’t imagine even the people on Jeopardy doing all that well with remembering this stuff lol.

I find doing and having that stuff as examples helps for a time at least until things change too much. After that, you have to know enough how to research, etc that you don’t really need to remember.

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