Great Course, But kind of dissapointed with the end

The course is well done, and it holds up 99% in UE 5.2.
Had to some debugging myself to fix and or workaround a few things that did not work in 5.2 like they did in the course video’s.
That’s totally fine, because by the time you get to those parts, you should be able to figure it out on your own or you could check out the discussions under the video’s or do a quick google.

However I am deeply dissapointed with how there is no part in the course covering a menu and how to create and transition to a second level.
I mean, I know of no game since even the early eighties that does not have at least a main menu.
In my opinion this really has to be in a base course like this.
I hope this will be added so at least new students can benefit from it.

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