Grease pencil "Sketch"

Experience and how I made this

This was hard to make. I completely underestimated the work involved and my workflow was completely broken. The Krita sketch I did previously took a fair amount of time, but it was insignificant compared to this… I was making a new copied scene for every shot when I realized too late that I could have just done a single scene animation set to 1fps. :man_facepalming:
So, after creating a scene for every frame, I rendered those out and saved them and opened a new instance of Blender in video editing mode. I set the fps to 1 and output to ffmpeg (which I renamed to .mp4 after the animation render). Then I dragged in all my scene renders and timed them to my initial sketch. Animation time ended up being 40s to make the flow feel ok.

What I would do different

I was not convinced with this application of grease pencil. I think it is better in 2D space and I would have preferred to work with mesh primitives from the get-go for blocking out. I see application for grease pencil to do the annotations as in my previous sketch in the movie render maybe?
I would also go for just animating the whole thing as one scene at 1 to 0.5 fps and it could have given a much better feel for the flow of the intended animation (I could have done the gestures more convincingly). I could then scale out the animation data on the timeline when I go to 12 or 24 fps and use the animation “sketch” as a starting point.
I clearly have a lot to learn when it comes to workflow.


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