Gray spots w normal map

Why am I getting the gray spots, do I need to change my ray distance, is it a seam issue, because I can’t figure it out?

Try baking with some extrusion.
Check the usual suspects, face orientation, Smooth shading on both HP and LP, and noncolor data set on norm map.
Those eyes look very ‘sharp’ cornered, perhaps a bevel to soften the transitions?

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Will try each solution and mark solution if it works, I’m thinking the extrusion will do it because another blender user told me to do that.

Here is the update, it’s a lot better but still have some minor glitching. I checked everything you told me to, any other possible solutions? I increased the Extrusion to 0.4 which helped the eyes but the ears have glitches to them when I leave it at 0.4?

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