Gravity not working

So as far as I understand we use transforms instead of force.

I have build up a level where the player needs to go up to shoot bigger ones. But because it seems it can only move one direction it will not go up, gravity doesn’t work as well. Help?

I think you would have to switch to use forces. Would you have any issue with making that switch?

Yes I do, I tried it myself, but the switch is failing, I am not sure if my include evens works lol

I have build up some defense so it needs to able to move up hill more to sides, I used stock movement from the course

What exactly is he issue you’re having. I don’t think you said?

Well okay is it possible we can get in contact in Discord with VC and screenshare and we post a more concrete problem and answer here for the others? I am really bad to phrase a sentence correctly when having a problem. My name is on Discord is: ~CapnNickSparrow#3705

if not I can try my best with a short video

Or you on the Discord?

Well the archive course’s Tank section used physics based controls so you could work through that.

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