Grass texture square appears all white

When I place the image texture node alpha output into the color input on the diffuse BSDF node, the whole texture square turns white, not just the grass image. Anyone know what’s wrong?

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Friend I haven’t taken that lecture yet, but I found something that might help you. Please unwrap first the plane :wink: good luck!


Thanks for that tip, but it didn’t work. They’re actually not 2D planes with image textures applied, but instead they are “image as plane” elements.

Another thing I noticed is that when I turn rendered shading on in the 3D view the Environment Texture image appears as a solid brown colour, (while in full render it appears as an image - although the “transparent” image-as-planes are still white). I wonder if this might be related.


In the UV Editor view, I selected the image used in the image as plane, and checked the “Use Alpha” checkbox in the “N” right panel.


Awesome buddy thanks

while not a solution this helped me figure out my problem so thanks

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