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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask. Apologies in advance if not.
I am thinking in getting one and follow Grant suggestions I am between the X-pen Artist 12 2nd or the X-Pen Artist 13 2nd gen. There’s not a huge difference in price but I don’t want to spend more money if I am not going to get any significant difference. Any expert advice, please?
Thanks in advance

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Having bought I think 4 different drawing screens over the years I would recommend you go for Huion Kamvas Pro 13 or Huion Kamvas Pro 16, the main difference between the two is screen size.
Though personally, I find pen tablets more comfortable to use than pen displays. Don’t know about X-Pen because I’ve never used them but Huion is the sort-of leading brand for cheaper tablets and I owned two of them so I can attest that they are good quality, I think my sister currently uses a Kamvas 11 or 12 that I got for her.
No matter what don’t buy the Wacom One (the pen display, not the tablet), it has a horrible screen with zero colour accuracy. What a waste of money that was…


Thanks for your advice! :relaxed:

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