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Hi, My Name is Martin Antonetty I really need constructive feedback on my skills for me thus far for game design web design excreta? please, anyone, I graduated from a DeVry with a Bachelors in Multimedia Graphic Design a year ago no ones there at career services can understand why I not an intern yet for a web design company for the least part. So I’m asking anyone here to provide me feedback about my skills thus far. this is my passion my life and I really need to know what’s holding me back? I asked the company I applied to but no feedback yet I welcome all feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:
My resume link and website link:

I really like it. The images and text look pretty good for me. However, I think you could use some help with the color system. The colors used are not really welcoming. Also, they don’t match with each other the best. I suggest contacting vistacreate colors for a better outlook of colors. They are the most essential thing in graphic design because they are the first thing people tend to take into attention. I’m sure they will give you a good resume about colors usage. Also, show them your work. Their feedback is going to be way better than mine.

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Hi. Honestly, it looks pretty good. I love the image altogether. However, if we take every detail separately, many things can be improved. I have a friend working as a web designer at custom web design central coast, and I’ve learned too many things from him. The first, of course, is that every detail matters. You should pay more attention to it. And I also think you could do a little better with color matching, as some combinations you used are not the best. In the rest, it looks good. Good luck.

Graphic Design is the process of making visual content that communicates information or messages to the general public. Graphic Design is a subset of Communication Design. It is used to make visual content with things like photos, colors, typography, illustrations, and icons. I learned this form

Very good work. You have the potential for art. I think graphic design goes along with web design. I recently commissioned a website design for fitness companies, and when they sent me the finished design for my project, I was impressed. The colour scheme, typography, and meaningful packaging of each page were excellent. But when the site was almost ready only had to come up with a logo. Of course, I had to turn to a graphic designer. Of course, the two areas cannot exist without each other and go toe to toe. Flooring Website Design - Prosvit.Design

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