Grant Looses his Voice

At 1:17 the video goes silent when Grant speaks. From the response it appears if he asks if there is anything that could be skipped. I thought my earbuds died without warning.

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For some reason, for that one bit, Grant is entirely shifted to the left audio channel.

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@NP5, any clues?

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I guess that means I need to put in my left earbud. I usually only have the right one in for the random times my wife just starts talking to me while I am watching videos.


You’d be able to hear him then, sure. But they should probably fix the audio.

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Hi GUys,

Thanks for flagging this as i was using speakers to listen to the course at the time so its slipped through our checks.
I’ve let Grant & Stephen know and asked them to take a look to see if we can get this fixed.

Thanks again for letting us know.

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Just to update this thread, This should now be resolved


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