Grabbing system thoughts

In code formatting, everything I need to find how it’s done (if it can)

  • Create a HasWeight component with a Weight (UProperty)
  • Create a Grabbable component
  • Attach an HasWeight component to FirstPlayerPawn

GrabbableComponent :

  • If owner Actor distance to Player Pawn is less than GrabbingRadius (UProperty)
  • AND Player Pawn Camera Actor is aiming at owner actor
  • Display a visual cue for the grabbing action
  • If player input for grabbing
  • Set Grabbed = true
  • Save vector from Player Pawn to self
  • Block Player Pawn Camera Actor Rotation
  • Each tick, move owner actor position to match saved vector

OpenDoor component

  • WeightTreshold UProperty
  • Instead of the Player Pawn, get an iterable of all Actors having a HasWeight component
  • Compute total weight of the ones overlapping and open door if > WeightTreshold

Level 2:

  • Instead of keeping vector from Actor with GrabbableComponent to Player Pawn constant, use position in the Camera so that we can move the grabbed actor with the camera rotation
  • Apply Gravity to Grabbable Actors and Player Pawn, And reduce BoxTrigger Height

I’ll give it a try and see if I can achieve something by myself with UE Doc and Google :muscle:t2:


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