Grabbing System Discussion

Ok so, what I’m thinking is to add a component to the chair that says IsGrabbable to let the game know the Actor is able to be grabbed. Next, I think you may need to add a component to the Player Pawn that has a Capsule Collision coming out it’s front. When that collides with something with the IsGrabbable component on it, it will pick up the object when a certain key is pressed. Let’s say “E” for example. We would add that as a keybind in the Project Settings under Engine->Input->Bindings. So when the E key is pressed, the Capsule Collision Volume checks to see if it is overlapping an object that has IsGrabbable on it. If it is, it will allow that object to be moved. You would also have it drop the object when the E key is pressed again. I think that should do it. Oh, you would have to name the keybind “Interact” or “Pick Up” or something like that.

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