Grabbing doesn't work and the Editor crashes

First thing first. I am using Unreal Engine 4.15. I am facing 2 weird issues.

Issue 1: At video number 75 namely LineTracesingleByObjectType() when i tried to print the name of the object my raycast was hitting my editor crashed. I reviewed the code there wasn’t any obvious errors. So I skipped the logging bit.

Issue 2: At video number 82 namely Using Physics Handles I am facing another issue. After following the video my grabbing system doesn’t work. When I press Shift or Right Mouse Button it logs in the output log but the object isn’t getting grabbed.

My Assumption: After checking the ouput log I find a red line there which is

CompilerResultsLog:Error: Error D:\Projects\UnrealProjects\RoomEscape\Source\RoomEscape\Grabber.cpp(78) : warning C4996: ‘UPhysicsHandleComponent::GrabComponent’: Please use GrabComponentAtLocation or GrabComponentAtLocationWithRotation Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile.

I am currently downloading an older engine version to check my code. Meanwhile if someone has faced this issue in the past please give a shout.


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Did you check that you hit an actor first? i.e.

AActor* ActorHit = Hit.GetActor();
if (ActorHit)
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Line trace hit: %s"), *(ActorHit->GetName()))

Regarding the second part that’s just a warning that you can ignore or check out the other discussions on this lecture for how to update to the new API

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Yes I have checked. The logging was working at first then it stopped working. I have nuked my project and will be recreating the entire project :confused:
Thank you for your reply

Hello DanM. I recently bought a new desktop and reinstall everything. This time everything just worked fine. Although it sounds kinda funny :slight_smile:

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yeah I have same problem in 4.16 with grabber doing nothing. UNfortunately feedback is not good here, AnswerHub may be able to help.

The old throw everything in the trash and start over technique is not a good sign. There should be a debug solution without completely reinstalling windows and the whole editor and VS.

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