Grabbing Discussion

The easiest way I can reason is have it be a component, PhysGrabable or some such thing, so you can add it to all sorts of things


I am a bit out of training since i’ve made a few months break after the first few section 3 videos, but I’ll try to get my mind back into unreal mode =)

  • Component or Inheritance?
    I think the easiest way would be to create an component “Draggable” which could be added to other objects as well
  • How may you know what to grab
    An additonal light bulb could give a hint or the chair could be enlightened when you focus it

it’s not really simple as just a component, there are a few things to think about.
Is the grab-able object could simulate physics?
If so the grab-able root component is what? a collision volume or a mesh or a skeleton mesh?
If not how would you need to handle when you drop a grab-able object mid air?

It might be a bit out of scope from current lecture but UE4 is a bit picky about this part of things.
I assume when the course go a bit more advanced then these will pop into discussion.

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