Grabber message showing twice

I worked around an issue where I couldn’t find my BuildingEscape Game Mode - it was in my source files in explorer but wouldn’t show in Unreal. I created a new Game Mode, created a Blueprint from it, assigned the Pawn and everything worked fine, the Grabber showed in the Details tab so I was happy.

However when I added the simple warning about the Grabber being ready, it calls twice. I’m not sure why the grabber would be called up more than once - does anyone have any ideas?

I have the same problem.

Same problem here. Retraced every step with the video but I must have missed something.

I believe I solved the “grabber reporting…” printing twice. At 1:33 in the video Ben deletes the pawn BP that was created in the previous video. You see, I went through and completed the video creating the gamemode blueprint and adding the default_pawn_BP to the new gamemode_bp.
But I did not delete the defaultpawn_bp that was added, therefore there was two of them.
At 1:33 of the video Ben quickly deleted the pawn we had dragged into the scene. So I bravely deleted my copy pawn leaving the new BP gamemode character. Now the “Grabber reporting…” only logs once, and I can still move around and open and close the door.

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