Gotta Draw 'Em All


So I’ve decided on a personal challenge in order to improve my drawing/Gimp skills: drawing the first 151 Pokemon (up to Mew).
No idea how long this will take me (maybe a year or so), but I plan on finishing this. I’ll probably end up using only a small subset of the tools and techniques introduced in this course, but that’s fine.

Pokemon drawn: 013 / 151

Tools: Gimp, mouse, and a cheap stylus (mainly for sketching, especially round things)


  • Pokemon have to be drawn in order (001 -> 002 -> 003 -> …)
  • Pose is free to choose

Edit: got rid of the time constraint… felt like that does more harm than good.


#001: Bulbasaur

Difficulty: medium
Time: roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes



#002: Ivysaur

Difficulty: hard
Time: little less than 2h

Although they’re so similar, this one was significantly harder than Bulbasaur imo :sweat_smile:


#003: Venusaur

Difficulty: hard
Time: little more than 2h, wasn’t quite focused though … not too satisfied either, but it’ll take a pass

I’ll keep going like this for a while, but I’ll have to revisit some lectures and do some further studies to improve eventually.


#004: Charmander

Difficulty: medium
Time: didn’t pay attention, but I’m guessing 1.5-2h
Other: made a lot of use of the stylus in this one … shadowing sucks, but had a much better workflow this time (less layers)



#005: Charmeleon

Pixel art




#006: Charizard

I nailed this one pretty good, if I may say so myself. Took my sweet time for this one. Shadowing improved (like the wings a lot), but still needs work.

Very happy with the result.


#007: Squirtle



#008: Wartortle


Did the shadowing with hue-shifting. I think the result is much better than just using airbrush+gray color+layer mode: multiplication.


#009: Blastoise


#010: Caterpie



#011: Metapod



#012: Butterfree


The brush tool is killing me… I don’t know how to handle those white dots that are caused by it. Removing them manually is such a pain in the a**.

Also, Butterfree was a lot more work than I expected.


#013: Weedle



#014: Kakuna



Sounds like a really cool idea, I might just go and do something similar haha. Are you posting them in order you drew them?


Have a go, haha. I have to say though, 151 is pretty daunting… definitely going to take me more than a year :smiley:

And yes, I’m posting them in the order I draw them.


#015: Beedrill


Was fairly lazy with this one, still not too bad of a result.