Gothic Church re-visit and details




Render (100 samples)


Nice, but walls too heavy in terms of the game asset.
Now there should be about 300-500 thousand polygons or more. Normal maps will help solve the problem, but if everything is simple with the walls, you will have to tinker with other elements, the topic is complicated, but worth it)
Topless girl is good, but a little does not fit into the overall atmosphere, if she is not Lara Croft))

Yes, it’s really heavy (more than 1 million), 14 596 verts for a signle wall. But i did not make this for game asset so far. May be i will later on. I wanna try modeling walls in a different way.

And the girl is not Lara Croft ^^ with another camera position she fit a little better with atmosphere (but with other clothes should be better, i guess she will become Lara Croft, now you give me the idea :smile:)


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