Got really hard for me to follow the course


I’m now in this lecture:

Sadly it has become really hard for me to follow this course.
It feels you are talking quite quickly, typing, scrolling and switching between open files at the same time. It has become impossible for me to keep up so I find myself constantly pausing, rewinding and catching up or debugging all the mistakes I make because I miss things :confused:

Watching at a slower speed is never a good experience anywhere as it sounds horrible by nature xD
I’d appreciate it if you could slow down in future courses when things become more complex to give people time to follow as it becomes quite stressful, at least for me, to follow.

This will also help people understanding what has been done in which way and why as it will become increasingly difficult to understand code after some time, as I assume you know.


Thank you for the feedback, and I’m sorry the pacing of the lectures is going too quickly for you. I’ll pass the comments on to the instructors.

Lecture pacing is something we’ve worked hard to get better at. It’s a struggle between trying to keep the lecture from being too long (we aim for no more than 15 minutes per lecture, though we’ve sometimes gone as far as 20), and keeping from pacing the lecture too quickly. I’m on the review team for some of the newest courses, and I do take this to hear and comment when I feel the lectures are moving too quickly.

One of the things I do when taking online courses (I’m a student as well as a TA here) is to do exactly what you mentioned… I pause the video frequently, and catch up my typing with where the course is. I would say the experience of pausing the video is not at all uncommon. The good news is that how long each video takes to get through is entirely in your control. We’re not judging or grading you on how well you do or how quickly you get through it. It’s ok to pause, go back, and make sure you’ve soaked in everything offered in the lesson.

Another trick I do, especially in courses on subjects I’m not familiar with, is to watch the entire video once through, jotting down notes as I go. Then I go back to the beginning of the video and watch it again, following along and working through the code. It’s a good way to reinforce what’s been taugth in the lectures.

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I think getting a better overview of the files and relations would be great. Like a mindmap with the files when working with more than two files at the same time.

The flow charts have been great, but they often only occur when we are trying to avoid circular dependencies.