Got a random NullReferenceException

Got a random “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” after adding a second enemy during the testing that now won’t go away. Doesn’t effect anything but is definitely weird that it randomly showed up. Full stack trace below.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object UnityEditor.Graphs.Edge.WakeUp () (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0) UnityEditor.Graphs.Graph.DoWakeUpEdges (System.Collections.Generic.List1[T] inEdges, System.Collections.Generic.List1[T] ok, System.Collections.Generic.List1[T] error, System.Boolean inEdgesUsedToBeValid) (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0) UnityEditor.Graphs.Graph.WakeUpEdges (System.Boolean clearSlotEdges) (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0) UnityEditor.Graphs.Graph.WakeUp (System.Boolean force) (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0) UnityEditor.Graphs.Graph.WakeUp () (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0) UnityEditor.Graphs.Graph.OnEnable () (at <d23becb8b2df477aa083ac4ab8993882>:0)

Graphs.Edge.WakeUp pops up sometimes in a lot of versions of Unity, it shouldn’t be related to your code or anything you’ve done. Restarting Unity normally gets rid of it, but you can safely ignore it as well.

A long standing Unity bug (We’re talking before 2015), usually when you push play, stop play or return from your code editor of choice. It has no affect on play or any affect on your project, it just reports as an error. It looks more serious than it is. You can safely ignore this error, and most suggestions (resetting your layout, restarting Unity, etc) you’ll find online only gets rid of the bug for a short time, if at all.

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