Got a job because of the Programming section assignment et al


(Not sure if it’s ok to post here if I haven’t had a chance to take the cert exam yet.)
I had two days of interviews at a game company a couple weeks ago (one of my top 2 dream companies). Their interest in me felt a bit lukewarm until I mentioned being more than halfway through this Unity Cert course on Udemy. I said that I had taken the assignment we were given in the Programming section and really went to town on it, using everything I had learned in the course up to that point. I also showed them that I had checked in the code to GitHub, updated it with bug fixes, posted the game on, and made a quick demo video on YouTube – all skills/experience that played into their job requirements. They had already used and liked user manuals that I had written for another company, but they warmed up a LOT after I showed them my mini-game.
I got the gig, and for the rate that I asked for. I might’ve, maybe gotten the gig based on the other user manuals and code samples in my portfolio, but I doubt they would’ve accepted my asking rate.
Ben and Sam and team, thank you so much!!!


Firstly, definitely okay to post here!

What an awesome story! I’m so glad to hear you got your dream job, this is amazing. I suppose we can’t see the assignment that won you the job?


You bet, it’s the one from Section 8 Programming. My video is at In the description, I put links to my source code on GitHub, and the game on, which I think was your suggestion, so THANK YOU!