Good course, some notes

For anyone new, the displacement setting he alludes to is in the material tab on the right (red circle sectioned into quarter sections), settings dropdown, surface dropdown, and change “displacement” from “bump” to “bump and displacement.”

im enjoying the course. i think order-wise it would have made more sense to do project-based examples/workflow first, to get people hooked so they stick around for reviewing each shader individually, but that’s subjective.

but 5:30 of the Mud Shader - Base Displacement video we’re instructed to make sure a bunch of settings are correct and despite him easily being capable of going through and making sure those settings are correct while hes listing them off, he instead assumes someone taking a beginner course on shaders is going to know where all those settings are. Luckily I’ve been using blender on and off for a year so I knew where they are at, but I imagine most people taking the course would either a) get stuck there or, b) just ignore him and get stuck later due to blender behaving differently later down the road.


Hi Intrepidaf,

Since displacement was covered earlier in the course, I choose to only give a quick reminder of the settigns that need to be changed.
But I apprieciate your feedback and I’ll edit in a more comprehensive explaination when the course is updated to reflect the changes in Blender 4+.
As always thanks for your feedback, it’s crucial to ensure our students continue to learn and enjoy our courses!


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