Gone For Years, Back With A Juiced Up Version of My First Game!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a revamped version of the first real game I made about 2 years ago.

Unfortunately I stopped working on it for a while for health reasons so I ended up coming back to this project just to familiarise myself with everything and this game is the end result!

I’ts currently available on:
Itchio: https://bit.ly/2zVgPb9
Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/2YxXAhZ

Also, here’s a gameplay video if anyone is interested: https://bit.ly/2YyR3na

Kind of glad to be finished with the project. Feels like my initial purpose was to learn but it ultimately ended up being a massive diversion in the long run.

Now I’m back to learning and it feels so good! I should never have stopped, I should have divided my time and always kept that educational train on track. Lesson learnt!

Here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/endodroid_games

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All that matters is that you are healthy! Now time to get back on the path! Keep up the awesome work! Never a better time to start then now!