Golly Gee I'm Flying A Jetpack And Whatnot (Project Boost)

I’ve finally finished my Project Boost game which I’ve named:
“Golly Gee I’m Flying A Jetpack & Whatnot.”

There is one bug with the WebGL build that I wasn’t able to fix (doesn’t happen in editor or Pc builds):
Sometimes turning doesn’t work for some reason.
But if that happens try opening the pause menu & move either volume slider back & forth (no clue what the problem is or why that fixes it)

Neat stuff I’ve added to my project:
-Character art & animation
-Ragdoll system
-Pickups & Checkpoints
-Story with 3 different endings
-Pause menu
-Acces to game options in said pause menu
-Option to invert left/right steering
-Original Music

As tends to happen when I do these courses I get carried away and get overly ambitious, so I’ve been tinkering with this game off and on for a couple of months.
So first thing that is special about my game is that I’ve changed the rocket into a man with a Jetpack, thus I had an excuse to do some more character modelling & make animations for it.
The project’s momentum took a nose dive when it came time to make actuall levels as that is a process I don’t find particularily entertaining, I much more prefer to work on the components but eventually I got levels together and made a somewhat entertaining little game.
The environment art is mostly from a free Unity store asset pack called “Toon Harbor Pack”, and a few other free asset packs for Skybox, VFX, UI & such.
Some sound effects are taken from opengameart.org

I’ve had fun with this project & learned some things, such as:
-Blenders rigify skeleton is horribly optimized, so I had to re-rig my character & transfer the animation onto my new skeleton.
-Ragdolls are a pain to set up
-Don’t make everything by yourself
-It’s fun to take the core of a game & making it your own
-Changing your project to WebGL build will likely break things inexplicably

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