Golden Record - PC and Android

Dear GameDev.TV Community,

Thanks to GameDev.TV my new game is now finally released on Google Play and Itch:
→ Google Play

It was a long and difficult journey.

It all started with the 2d course. After finishing the laser defender section I wanted to continue from here.

So…implemented touch functionality and showed the game to friends. Then it all started, I had a long list of wishes and features the game should have.

Thus, bosses, power ups and a global high score has been implemented.

For release I had some fights with the IL2CPP build (Google is asking now for 64bit) but finally got it working. Basically, I had to rework the whole server communication.

It is only a small game…but already consumed a lot of time.
I realized the journey has just started now :wink:

Thanks Gamedev.TV…without you this would not have come reality.

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Hey man,
This looks really nice…May I ask why didn’t you prefer to upload this also as webGL build to ?

Hi cnkrtn,
Thanks, man!
The game is taking the submitted highscores from a MySQL Database. That server connection was not working for the webGL build. Thus, I decided to submit it with the Windows build instead.

With regards,

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