Godzilla New Tokyo - Laser Defender

Mockup Initial

Theme / Style:

  • Godzilla rampages through New Tokyo in a top-scrolling bullet hell
  • Old school arcade style

Player Experience:

  • Player feels big, powerful, destructive, unstoppable
  • Being swarmed by an army of ants
  • Race against time

Core Mechanic

  • Shoot flame breath at enemies
  • Shoot flame breath to destroy target buildings
  • Dodge bullets
  • Reach the end before time runs out

Game Loop:

  • Single level with 5 enemy waves. Player must stay at bottom of screen while fighting.
  • Reach the final wave before timer runs out
  • Player walks forward after each wave - destroy some buildings still in the way to advance
  • Life reaches zero = godzilla punched back, has to walk forward again, losing time.
  • End of final wave, reach military research facility.
    • Must destroy military research before timer reaches zero
    • If you don’t, research facility time machine teleports you back in time, and you start over

Feature Analysis:

  • Core Gameplay
    • Player, Movement, Shooting
    • Enemies, Movement, Predetermined path
    • Destructible building targets
    • Player Health (reaching zero triggers knockback)
      • Health recharges slowly when out of danger
  • Secondary features
    • Score
    • Enemies shoot
    • Big knockback hit if you take too much damage
      • You lose time having to walk back
      • Enemies won’t advance past an invisible line, so you are given chance to recharge as you walk back into the game
  • Polish
    • Visual Effects from hits
    • Building destruction animation and new sprite
    • Sound effects
    • Menus/Screens
    • Content / tuning
      • Enemy variants and waves

Art Assets:

  • Player Godzilla
  • Enemy Ships
    • helicopters, tanks
  • Projectile
    • Player
      • Longshot breath
      • Near-shot AOE breath
    • Enemy
      • Little bullets
      • Big bullets
  • Destructible buildings
    • 2 types
  • Background sprite
    • Main pixel art path - the big road Godzilla walks down
  • Final Military Base building
  • Fonts (score text, menu)
  • UI Sprites (buttons, canvas stuff)
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