Godzilla guy here again. Mid-Section Challenge: Yamanose Shrine from Shenmue

Wanted to give it a go at making one of my favourite areas from Shenmue. :slight_smile: I’m not sure why the Cycles renderer has made my renders all grainy like that but oh well.

Think I’m making some good progress with modelling though! I’m still getting a little lost with materials though. Somehow materials just seem to keep appearing while I’m modelling and I’m left with a load of blank default materials; not sure what that’s about.



Cycles is the full ray tracing renderer. To make less noisy images you need higher samples.

However this makes the rendering take longer.

So the ‘Denoising’ option was created and works like magic.

The box to tick is a little ‘hidden’ until used to it.

Go to the View Layers Properties panel, scroll right down to the bottom, and there it is. Tick the box.

Good looking modeled scene.


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