Here is my little labor of love. Not quite ready to play yet but just getting this far has taken me weeks! Torn between finishing this game or completing the last section of this course. Currently leaning towards the latter…



It looks great! Congrats on personalizing this project. I especially like the demon bat that flits in circles!

Thank you! I made the demon from scratch(minus the wings and tail). Also, made the soul shrine and board. Had some help with the fairies and goblins from craftpix.net. Good people over there!

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself… Had to throw something together for the sake of closure lol. Anyway, here’s a link to the first three levels. I’m a little bummed that some of the sound effects and “between level” music didn’t carry over to the OpenGL build. Not sure why :roll_eyes: If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to know! Oh and for some reason the starting music defaults to 0…

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Played your game and beated it.
I noticed that changing difficulty doesn’t make the game harder.

Thank you for checking out my game and thanks for the feedback! Definitely needs a lot of tuning. Decided to put emphasis on other components for this demo (mostly animation). Only thing difficulty does atm is allow for varying # of enemies through before you lose. Thinking I’ll add a few more layers to make it harder when I circle back around though!

The first time I ran it I got the first BSOD I’ve seen in years, and the first one I’ve ever had on this laptop. :joy::joy:

It did run without crashing the second time, though. The UI elements don’t seem properly scaled in the menu screens, but apart from that everything seems to work like a player would expect!

Thank you for the feedback and sorry to hear about your blue screen. Now that you mention it, I see what you mean about the scaling (especially the options screen). I’ll have to go back and see where I went wrong there…