Godot specific git and GitHub tips?

I am wondering if there is any Godot specific advice - like what was provided for Unity. I am starting the Godot 4 course and will be trying to get into good source control habits at the same time.

Hi TyN,

with Godot 4, theres an option to create the defauilt .gitattributes and .gitignore for the project when its created.

looking at the ignore file, it ignores the .godot folder.
this i believe is the cached files that the editor uses, i think its akin to the builds folder in Unity where the editor will rebuild them when opened in editor.

if you have a project already made in godot 4.

then you can create the GIT metadata files from the editor.

im still playing around to see what makes it tick, but ill update once i know more.
but, see how it goes.

there is a git plugin on the asset library specifically for godot 4, but ive only just installed it for a look

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looks like theres a community one on github, doubt its got everything as its 3 years old, but according to the notes it has v4 stuff so either the dates wrong or summit


im going to run with this and see.

if you find any more info or add other stuff, would be great to know :+1:

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