Godot Humble Bundle Courses Order

Hi there! I recently purchased a Humble Bundle featuring Godot courses, and I’m feeling a bit unsure about the best sequence to dive into them. I’ve already finished the Godot 2D course. Any recommendations on what course I should tackle next?

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The 2D course is certainly the gateway course, so I’m glad you started with that. Realistically, you could do the rest of them in any order you want now depending on what you want to accomplish.

That said, if you’ll be doing most or all of these courses, you might want to consider which skills will be applicable to the largest number of projects going forward, because gaining those earlier will give you more opportunities to use and practice them alongside any new concepts. For example, the shaders course is comparatively shorter and you can always find opportunities to use shaders along the way, but multiplayer concepts only apply to multiplayer projects (and are trickier); I would do at least one more course before attempting that one. Just my opinion =)


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