Godot C# action rpg course...why use C#?

I’m about 20% through the course, and it’s great and makes sense so far. I’m more on the 3D art side as opposed to coding, but I did start a GDscript tutorial a while back. All that to say, I’m no expert in coding. But I did want to ask what the point is of having this course be focused on teaching C#? They never went over the reason it was chosen over GDscript, or what the benefits were. Because at the moment, it seems like more downsides than benefits because you have another layer of errors to watch for when converting GDscript to C#.

Kaan touches on this very briefly at the beginning of his 2D course. Since that’s a beginner course and this is an intermediate one, that may be why it isn’t mentioned here.

The biggest reason by far is that GDScript is an interpreted language, so it’s translated into 1s and 0s “as you go”; by comparison, C# is compiled, so all the translation is done already (I can’t remember offhand exactly what stage it happens at, but it really doesn’t matter - there’s no translation happening while the game is running). This makes C# orders of magnitude faster (performance) than GDScript, so if you wanted to make something that is somehow CPU-intensive, it makes way more sense to write that in C-Series. I say C-Series because C++ is also supported in Godot, and is even faster than C# (as well as harder to learn).

It’s also worth mentioning that C++ and C# are widely-used in the industry, and professionals who already have that background will have a much easier time learning the Godot engine via C++/C# than by learning GDScript, even though GDScript is the faster language to learn.

I’m sure there are other reasons if anyone else feels like chiming in =)


BH67 has explained quite well but as a company we want to give the opportunity for all our students to learn this great engine.
GDscript is more beginner friendly almost like a python language so its great for beginners and although the C# language is taught for beginners its use case here is at the intermediate level.
The reason this was done is also because some students with recents events at unity expressed an interest in moving away from unity after our beginner courses so it made sense to make a C# intermediate Godot course.

Hope this clarifies.

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