Godot C# Action-adventure course 3d character model

I’ve been doing the new Godot C# Action adventure course, and I’m curious if anyone else is trying to use a 3d model instead of the 2d sprite. I absolutely love this course so far I’m working on the dash feature) but I’ve had several… hurdles in regards to using a 3d model, and I really don’t understand the choice of using a 2d sprite when I’d guess most people want a 3d model in their game (I could be wrong, don’t shoot me).

The biggest hurdle has been rotating the character model to face the direction of movement. I was able to figure it out (which is good, I’m learning to implement stuff that the course doesn’t cover) but I’m also ever so slightly worried that I’ll run into some big issue somewhere that pertains to using a 2d sprite instead of a 3d model. So far so good, though.

Anyone else out there use a 3d model and made it through the course, or maybe can shed some light on if I might run into any major show stoppers down the road?

Also, I just wanted to reiterate that this isn’t meant to be course criticism. This course absolutely covers stuff I haven’t run into in the couple other Godot courses I’ve dabbled in, and I’ve learned a ton so far. It’s really well done.

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Hi Drew,

The choice for the 2D sprite was based purely because of the 2.5D aspect of the game that we chose to make to present the C# information.
As you are finding out there are some changes that need to be made with regards to which way the character faces when using a 3D model and also will be the same with the enemies as well.
Look_at might be a potential solution in this case.

There may be some issues with attacks and hit boxes in the character so you may need to employ something like what was applied to the enemy later back to the character and possibly have hurtboxes be around the character and hitboxes be on the weapon rather than a static point.

Those are the only things i can think of that may pop up as an issue as i am on the last section myself which i hope to complete tomorrow.

Let us know how you get on and please do post your progress as you go!


Sure, there is always that possibility. Solving that issue is half the fun of extending the courses though, as long as it doesn’t leave you so stuck that you don’t finish the project.

For that reason, in my opinion, a good way to balance this is to follow the course material reasonably closely so you learn that way of doing things, make notes (or a full-blown plan) about what you want to change later, and then extend when the base project is done. Worked for me so far!


Thanks I definitely will. I’ve so far had pretty good luck as, other than taking into account the rotation thing, I didn’t know about Look_at so I may redo the stuff I have. It uses some math stuff that I’ve seen elsewhere but it’s not very clean, and also rotates the player node (the first node below the CharacterBody3D) and I probably need to extract it into its own function at some point, but I’m not bothering with that at the moment.

I haven’t made it to the hitboxes, yet, I’m just into the adding enemies section, so maybe I’ll make it that far tomorrow. I took a small break today to play with the level building. I had a weird issue with shadows being janky, but finally sorted that for the time being. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress!


A little off topic, I think i have 3D printed something very similar to the guy on the right although i cant post an image as his pose was a little unsuitable for these forums :slight_smile:

You may have to adjust some things in the shaders lecture but we use the spatial node anyway there because we use the sprite3d not the 2D node but let me know when you get there and we can try and puzzle through it together if you get stuck.

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