Godot 4 3D Game Export issue


I finished this section of the course. Need fix an issue with a hazard. However, I was able to finish.

The export to Windows has an issue.

Error message

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the rcedit yellow warning is about setting up the custom icon, just means that it will have the default icon when created. there’s something to do with being open source and not being able to include the added functionality as far as i remember when looking at it.

the red error though, not sure what that is. assuming its a windows desktop build, is that with just the default settings?

ive not seen that before. have you added any information into the Application settings on the export window?
as any changes there would need the rcedit tool setup in the Editor settings > export > windows. but thats not something ive touched im afraid.

i would try exporting as is with just the default provided info, without any changes made to the application settings see if that works.

unfortunately im not able to download the export template where I am currently to allow me to test.

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I was able to export it for Windows Desktop thank to your help.

Working on the other formats now.

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