Godot 4+ 3D C# Course?

Does GDTV plan to launch a high-quality Godot 4+ course focused on 3D and C# for new devs and unity refugees? Almost all resources available for Godot focus on making 2D games. Though I love the Godot community and almost jumped over many times, this pervasive obsession with 2D (including 2D course by GDTV) made me lean towards Unity.

I’ll mostly be making mobile games, and a good successful free-to-play mobile game can quickly bankrupt me for life under Unity’s new Runtime Fee structure. So I’m seriously considering putting my GDTV Unity course on hold to focus on Godot but no high-quality courses focusing on 3D and C#.

I already paused GDTV unity course for 2 months due to work and now no motivation to continue because I’ll mainly target mobile and I’m guaranteed to go bankrupt because of the new unity fees that attack indie mobile devs the hardest.

GDTV missing out on not taking advantage of current events by building a high-quality course for Godot 3D and C#.

I think sometimes when news like Unity’s fee structure comes out with this much backlash from game devs, that it’s best to wait to see what happens after the dust settles. Currently, there’s a lot of upset people and it’s difficult to determine what those devs will do. I’m certain that GDTV will have future Godot courses along with Unreal after Unity’s terrible fee idea. Unity is going to have serious issues that will cost them market share for years to come.

The thing is, even if Unity backtracks, it’s not only a matter of broken trust but the guy at the helm. He’s an ex-EA guy who wanted to charge $1 for ammo reloads in a game. This new runtime fee thing only proved that as long as he’s at the helm, no matter how much Unity backtracks for better PR, anything he touches rots away. Unity is now proven to be a ticking time bomb, and the backlash is justified as many people have built their lives on Unity just for them to betray their actual users completely - Indie devs and small studios.

Big enterprises can make their own engine, they are not dependent on Unity or a specific engine. In fact, the new fee structure favors enterprises with high thresholds and just $0.005-$0.01 per install, while we indie devs and small studios risk malicious installs with intent to bankrupt at $0.20 per install. The review bomb 2.0. If this isn’t predatory, I don’t know what is

A a good quality free-to-play mobile game made with love and care would surely pass the 200k lifetime install. Less pay-to-win it is, more people play, but with this fee, we’ll be forced to over-monetize the game, affecting user experience.

So I feel it’s a no-brainer to make a quality Godot course looking at this as an omen to what’s to come as even if they backtrack it’s just a bandaid on a ticking time bomb. I looked at the preview of Godot 2D course by GTDV. It was subpar compared to their Unity and Blender courses. That tells me they don’t see Godot as a serious contender. I love GDTV high-quality courses, I purchased all blender courses and Unnity 2D and 3D course, I just wish they gave Godot the same care. If you compare Unity 2D and Godot 2D course you’ll see the stark difference in quality.

on the godot front. the C# side of it i dont believe is fully fleshed out to the same level as GDScript is.

It is my understanding that there is plans going forward for more Godot content and a Complete Godot 3D course in the pipeline But I think it wouldn’t be good to rush any content out there in light of whats happening and doing the community a disservice by releasing something that ihasnt had the same time and attention to qualitythat we have came to expect from GDTV courses and their content.

All i can say at this point is to sign up to the newsletter and be kept up to date with future releases.


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