Godot 2D - Adding Path Enemy - Not adding to score

Hi there,

I have followed the steps clearly and the code is identical however I am finding that my score is not increasing when I shot a path enemy.

func _on_enemy_spawner_enemy_spawned(enemy_instance):
	enemy_instance.connect("enemy_died", _on_enemy_died)

func _on_enemy_died():
	score += 100

func _on_enemy_spawner_path_enemy_spawned(path_enemy_instance):
	path_enemy_instance.enemy.connect("died", _on_enemy_died)

Here is my Enemy Spawner code:

extends Node2D

signal enemy_spawned(enemy_instance)
signal path_enemy_spawned(path_enemy_instance)

@onready var timer = $Timer
@onready var spawn_positions = $SpawnPostions

var enemy_scene = preload("res://scenes/enemy.tscn")
var path_enemy_scene = preload("res://scenes/path_enemy.tscn")

func _ready():
	timer.connect("timeout", spawn_enemy)
func spawn_enemy():
	var spawn_postions_array = spawn_positions.get_children()
	var random_spawn_position = spawn_postions_array.pick_random()
	var enemy_instance = enemy_scene.instantiate()
	enemy_instance.global_position = random_spawn_position.global_position
	emit_signal("enemy_spawned", enemy_instance)

func _on_path_timer_timeout():

func spawn_path_enemy():
	var path_enemy_instance = path_enemy_scene.instantiate()
	emit_signal("path_enemy_spawned", path_enemy_instance)
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Ignore this - as soon as I posted it I found my error. I would close this if I could. My connects are different. I called the original enemy_died but referenced died in the path enemy.

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glad you found the issue and your back on track :slight_smile:

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