Goblin Head sculpt


Here are the final result of this course, overall this was a really fun experience, blender turned out the be a more powerfull tool than I expected. I can only thank Grant for such a clear and insightful explanation of the basic features of this tool. I’ll most probably be back for the blender character and environment courses.


Very defined facial features, I like the little video clip you made, gives me a chance to see everything in a closer view, I like the idea of having a golden eye, makes this feel more like goblin, good scaring, wonderful job!

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Wowee! What a wonderful bit of 3D artwork! What will you be using it for? xxx

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Nothing in particular, just made it for the course. I did put some thought into it tho, first I made a background story up in my head, a goblin that got it’s head split open by an adventurer and given that goblins are usually related to gold theme I supposed it would be cool that he put back together his skull using melted gold (There are examples in history of potery and china that broke and was restored using gold as adhesive, it’s called Kintsugi). I also made a quick sketch in front and side view to follow some kind of guidelines. Makes me happy that you asked if I’m going to use it in a game or something as that for me proofs that the creative process prior to the sculpt was worth it.

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