Gnarly Shadow on Pillars

Working through Section 2 of the Complete Blender course, really happy with it so far but ran into some weirdness when rendering my pillars. It’s like every chip I’ve made in the stone is projecting these unnatural polygonal shadows. Rendering with Cycles in the image. It’s not as pronounced when rendering with Eevee. Any thoughts on this?

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Have you somehow triangulised your mesh?
As that is the effect we are seeing. All 3d is drawn in tris, but this should not show up like this.
Check the normals are facing outwards.
Check there is not duplicate geometry.

Try Object menu, Shade Autosmooth.


Autosmooth worked! I was able to notice small lines in the viewport so I just upped the angle until those disappeared and it didn’t affect the detail I put in the columns. They look great now! Not sure how that happened in the first place, but thanks for the help!

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