Glitch Garden animations reset after a few seconds

Just learning about animating and spawning lizards. My lizard always respawns after a few seconds. New lizards are meant to spawn, the same lizard isn’t meant to respawn each time. It seems as though there must be a setting somewhere to choose if you want your animation to restart but I can’t find anything. Some help please?

Hi Murray,

What do you mean by “the same lizard isn’t meant to respawn”? Respawning means that something appears in your Hierarchy. The same game object cannot be spawned more than one time.

Hi Nina, I figured it out. The level was reloading after 4 seconds because I absentmindedly included the Level GameObject when I duplicated the Splash Scene. Thanks for responding.

I’m glad you figured it out yourself. :slight_smile:

While you’re here, I’ve been struggling to upload my Block Breaker game even though it’s only around 85mb. Any thoughts on that? I zipped it exactly the same way Rick taught us to do.

Where are you trying to upload it? Maybe has got technical problems again. Try or

I had no issues with Laser Defender although that was way smaller, around 30mb. But I will try those other sites. Thanks!

Does your game run locally in your browser?

Yup, it runs perfectly.

Then it’s probably a technical problem on That happens quite often. Try it again at a later juncture.

I did try it again, after about 2 weeks, but still no luck.

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