Glitch Garden 1.0

OMG Finally got this game to a ~complete stage!

Glitch Garden 1.0

Design Notes:
I basically stayed with the course design docs but did differentiate on a few things. The audio effects were rushed but I’m ready to move on to another project as this game took a lot out of me :slight_smile:

They say the hardest thing to do is to FINISH a game, which is definitely true in this case. It took me 2 attempts to get through this section of the course.

The enemies (attackers) are procedurally generated and the difficulty scales as a percentage of the defender strength. I’m not sure even I can beat it on hard, so that needs a little tweaking. Easy is certainly winnable by anyone once you get the hang of the game.

There is a live player vs attacker strength meter which shows how much attack power your defender have versus the attackers total health.

Its only 2 rounds of 5 waves, so it can be beat in a few minutes. Again, this is mostly for learning not creating an hour long game session. :wink:

Please post any bugs you notice or suggestions for me to implement at a later time.




Nice Job!

A few minor things you want to to go back and fix and change.
The top is cut off. I wish it tells me how much it cost to layout out each sprite, and some background music would be nice.
I was able to layout a defensive sprite off the grid.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes I think the scaling for the web needs to be fixed, it should display properly when in full screen mode.
If you can see the ‘top’ of the screen you should have noticed there are exclamation marks which display when you have enough energy to place one of the defenders. I am assuming that was hidden from view since you said the top of the screen was not visible.

I will check on the bugs you mentioned, I appreciate the feedback!


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Real had some fun in game (btw. bg-music is perfect) and yes, game displays properly when in fullscreen.
Nice work.
For me, playing your version has been a real motivation, to continue after “Laser Defender”.
Stuck at the beginning of “Glitch Garden” as I created all assets by myself before, but i am afraid this will take a lot of time in glitch-garden .
I think this time I stick to the “given” Assets and focus on continuing & learning.



Stick with it. As I said in my post, this was a chore to get through for some reason. I really sunk a ton of time with the animations which is what slowed me down and got me in a rut the first time… Keep with it, finishing the project to completion is very fulfilling… I found some art assets that already have me re-thinking how to apply them to a completely reskinned game which I plan on doing as a winter project… I’m having fun in the blender course at the moment.


Good work! This is nice. :+1:
I got myself playing a long long time trying to beat hard mode.

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