GK's Level 2 Lighting


For this lecture, I added some lighting to my level 2.
My level 1 takes place outdoors so I couldn’t add too much lighting.

My level 2 takes places later in the day, so my directional light shines a bit more horizontally than level 1.

I gave my sheep new materials for its model now with emissions so the sheep is always perfectly visible in dark places.

I added some subtle colorful lighting in the scene:

  • I utilized red lighting to highlight obstacles, like the collection of boxes on the upper level.
  • The purpleish lighting illuminates a box into which the player can knock some birds into for extra points.

  • I used blue lighting to further emphasize the friendly nature of the boxes of wool (formally places to refuel, now resting places for the player)

  • My level2 Finish gameObject is currently inside a box, and previously I had placed a bright green point light so the player would know where to end the level. I also used a pinkish light to light behind it, thinking there was already a lot of green and opposite colors might help contrast. :smiley:

Level 2:

Have a nice day!
GK :smiley:

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