GitHub repo issue

I have strange issue.
if I change my C++ file project can not build. even I add comment in file its problem:

but if I download project from GitHub and delete repo .git folder, project work fine.

A few hours ago everything was fine, only I change and install GitBash and download other project from GitLab

I think its problem in .dll file but how can i fix it?

That says you have compilation errors in FPSAICharacter FPSAIGuard on the noted lines. It can’t build due to those errors.

Yes, because I change this file. I add only comment. Somehow git not allow me to change the file.
this project is on my local repo in SourceTree. the issue appear after I install GitBash.
I fix it.
Uninstall GitBash, but its confuse me why GitBash was problem for SourceTree, may be the have different git version.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. What do you mean git won’t allow you to change the file?

Yes I mean exactly this. if I change any file, even only add space and nothing else. project can’t build. I tried everything delete intermediate files and regenerate project but its not helpful. while I uninstall GitBash its fix. Somehow GitBash and SourceTree was conflict each other.

Strange, have you looked at the logs?

I wanted but I dont know which is Error log file. there are many big log files in Saved->Logs folder

The latest one would be the one without the “backup” in its name.

Thank you Daniel

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