GitHub Pro for University/College students

Hello I would like to mention that if you are a college or university student you may have unlimited access to Github pro for life!! At github site go to Help - Education and search for Gihub campus program and follow the provided steps. You’ll need to verify your student status and you will be able to use the premium service.


This is great news, especially since I am using GitHub almost every day.

Hi. I apologize for my delay answering. Yes I actually have Github pro as well as other tools provided by my university as office365, adobe, unlimited cloud storage(google sadly, but unlimited) and much more cool stuff. If you guys are students maybe you should try asking in your respective educative institutions in order to know if they have any partnerships like mine. If you are wondering I am a computer science student at UNA, Costa Rica.

I think it’s a great opportunity and advantage for students. I like it when educational programs or universities offer students social packages that motivate them to learn and perform well. These types of programs can also help support students who may be facing financial or personal challenges. There are work-study programs that allow students to earn money by working on campus while also gaining valuable work experience. When I went to one of the beauty schools portland, we also had different loyalty programs for students.

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