GitHub Desktop is garbage - hot take

And this is why we don’t use GitHub Desktop…

I mean seriously… this should have been in since day 1.

Thankfully you can do it direct from Visual Studio, which is actually a better git UI client than GitHub Desktop. And of course from SourceTree, Fork, or whichever other poison you choose.

I do not even recommend GitHub Desktop for people who are new to git under the claim of “well if it has less features it is probably easier to get going / onboarded”, because its UI layout is also crooked (e.g. viewing commit history of branches) and has been lacking other basic features like being able to delete a branch.

But not even being able to create a tag until now, which is basically just an adhoc label, is crazy.


  • Don’t use GitHub Desktop
  • By all means use GitHub (the server) though; that’s fabulous
  • Pretty much any other client is better than GitHub Desktop (recommendations are Fork and then SourceTree from me, if you can use them, full disclaimer: GitKraken is probably great too, but I don’t have the experience with it to recommend it).
  • This wasn’t meant to be a rant by the way, it’s just really hard to say anything nice about GitHub Desktop!