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Alright so because I keep losing my RPG Course files very frequently in weird accidents, I figured I’d try to commit the files to the Github Repository before any other wild accident happens. My problem is, I’m not very familiar with git, and now I have a problem where my files are over 3 Gigabytes in size, and Commit just rejects to upload anything over 100 Megabytes. Can anyone kindly instruct or help me make my way around github to back my files up on their servers? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is the message I keep getting:

Edit: I downloaded Git LFS, but everytime I open it, it says I need to open it from cmd.exe, and cmd.exe starts with local disk C files (I installed git LFS on local disk E for storage shortage issues on local disk C)

Yes, you need to run from command line. You could set up a batch file that runs the command line so there’s not much you can do there with that.

If this is a backup, git is not the way. The issue with git is that for binary files it doesn’t store differences so it takes up a lot of space. You should consider perhaps a one drive/google drive or similar subscription for backup. I think one drive offers 100Gb for about 2USD a month but can’t be sure.

That’s very valuable advice. Thank you Beedeegee :slight_smile:

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